Pastor Helmer Umana

It is the belief today that we are to live life to the fullest. Do as you like, as you want, what you will, what ever your hearts content and will. Yet you look around at our society today and divorce rate has never been higher, our children are the most drugged era to exist to date, a capitalist system driven by greed where the rich just don’t have enough and moral values is something to be questioned. Does God not want you to be happy? To live life for all it’s worth? Do churches and the God they serve just give a bunch of rules so we are confined to a mediocre life style? I have to agree with the world on one thing live your life to the fullest! Travel the world, go sky diving, swim in all the oceans of the world, dance under the moon light, learn an instrument, a new language, take a salsa class, read to your hearts content and most importantly Love. God desires for you to live your life to its fullest and He has given us a guide on how to live our life’s, who to thank for this beautiful creation. Church, religion, worship its not about living a life full of rules, it’s about living a life full of love and thanksgiving
Join us in worshipping and thanking God for giving us life and His desire for us to live a good, long and happy life not just in this life, but in eternity. To live eternally with God through the sacrifice of His son Jesus Christ and living out lives Guided but His Holy Spirit.
My name is pastor Helmer. I was born in Central America, raised in Los Angeles California, spend some time living in the East Coast. I know God has called me to Gilroy to preach and teach biblical Christianity. I’d love to sit and talk with you, answer your questions and help you begin a journey of personal change, journey of seeking God and living your life to its fullest.

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